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Hardworking Hands


When I go to the Day Care Center to give massages to the elderly, I can read through their stories by touching their hands.

A decorator raised his family, you can see his hands are a bit deformed. I listened to him. He said he had worked in a plastic factory for a few years when he was young before diving into the interior decoration industry.

Recently, I prepared a custom blending for my auntie. She is making cuttlefish balls for her job. The thumb has been strained because of repeated movements. She found the thumb joints of both hands painful and swollen.

I used Corymbia citriodora and Lavandula latifolia, starting from 3% dilution, and gradually to 5% dilution. She told me the pain was completely relieved. A side note, auntie found she also got those essential oils on hand. I checked with her and explained to her those came from the same genus (Genus) and different species (Species), and they will have different properties. After applying the oil, always avoid touching/ rubbing the eyes. 

There are several main causes of bone and muscle pain, and I will share them in the Blog later.

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